Peaceful beach boasting the widest dunes. 
Located beside the Schoorl Dunes National Park, boasting the widest and highest dunes in the Netherlands, you can relax until you drop here. The beach is only accessible by bike, which makes it more peaceful.

The village is also known for its charming centre with numerous terraces and restaurants. The climbing dune in the centre of the village is also a fun addition. You won’t be able to keep your children away. They can slowly walk to the top, before running, flying and falling to the bottom. Falling is not painful and tons of laughter is guaranteed.

From the eastern edge of the park there is a view over an area of characteristic Dutch polder landscape, and at the end of the dunes is the start of the Hondsbossche Seawall, abutted by the bird reservation De Putten. The town itself is known for its detached houses, mostly built along shallow non-navigable waterways at the beginning of the twentieth century. Schoorl offers a range of shops and restaurants.

The North Sea coast and Schoorl aan Zee are easy to reach by bicycle. Parking is available at the beaches at Hargen and Camperduin; these are also served by busses. Water-sports enthusiasts can moor in the harbour at Hargen, near the sea and the dunes. There is plenty of activity here in the summertime, with events including the sail, surf and beach festival of Hargen on Sail but also children’s activities such as treasure digs.