Curacao, the largest island of the ABC-islands, is becoming more and more popular amongst the Dutch. Curacao has a lovely climate, nice and cosy restaurants, a deep blue ocean with beautiful coral riffs and tropical fish and of course Willemstad. Nowhere in the Caribbean you will find this atmosphere amongst architectonic high lights from a rich past. „Tropical Amsterdam” is for most people the reason to visit Curacao.

In the south west of the island, some 10 kilometers from Willemstad, lies the Jan Thiel Bay, nearby „Spanish Water’. At the bay many bars and restaurants can be found and there are lots of possibilities to practice water sports. Jan Thiel bay is famous for the outstanding diving facilities. The small village is named after the bay. The surrounding is tropical, with palm trees and cactuses. The village is the breeding site for the fregat bird (makuaku) and many flamingo’s. The flamingo’s can manly be found at the salt pans.

Jan Thiel seems a relative quite place on Curacao, but under the water surface you will find a whole other world! Among the (south)east side of Curacao you will find the „Curacao Underwater Park”. A protected nature reserve of 600 acres full of magnificent coral riffs, tropical fish and wrecks. You will never forget a dive in this amazing underwater world. Do you want to discover more by foot? One can admire the flamingo’s at the salt pans at Jan Thiel. Want some buzz, then visit Willemstad.

From Jan Thiel you can make several nice outings. Below some highlights:

An impressive event is a walk through Christoffelpark. In this beautiful nature reserve at the westcoast of Curacao (a 40 minute drive) you will find colorful orchids, tropical birds, lizards and Iguana’s. The highest point of this park and Curacao is the Saint Christoffel mountain, some 375 meters high. Climbing this mountain is an adventure and the reward is a magnificent view of Curacao. When the weather is clear you can see Venezuela.

During a visit to the Sea Aquarium you will learn all about the rich world below the surface of the ocean. You will see sting rea’s, sharks and sea turtles. The fish tank is filled with fresh sea water, which is why the fish are sort of in their natural habitat. Swimming with dolphins is the experience of a life time.

A visit to the capital of Curacao, Willemstad, is a must see! The city is located 8 kilometers from Jan Thiel and is registered on the World Heritage List of Unesco. The colorful houses, stately town houses and typical gables make it look like a typical Dutch city.