Bergen aan Zee

The seaside resort of Bergen aan Zee is located near the village of Bergen. The menu includes recreation, relaxation and above all doing nothing. Anyone can wile away the hours here by sinking their feet into the sand, bobbing up and down on a lilo or lazing in a chair on the terrace of a beach pavilion.

This is the place where sandcastles and dikes are built and brothers and sisters bury each other in the sand. Kites appear from bags and beachgoers play football and fish for shrimps. A week on the beach is the greatest thing there is for children. Theme parks cannot compete with this.

Parents need not be bored for a moment: who doesn’t enjoy watching the sun sink into the sea while enjoying a cool drink? While your children are thoroughly enjoying themselves on the beach the two of you can gaze deep into each other’s eyes. 

Bergen’s location at the edge of the dunes and wilderness has always made it a popular destination for tourists. The town itself is over one thousand years old and centred around the fifteenth-century Ruïnekerk (Ruined Church). In and around the old centre are other monuments including the historical residential neighbourhood of Meerwijk, built in 1915 according to the architectural style of the Amsterdam School. For countless years Bergen was an artists’ community where space and serenity were a source of inspiration; this is mirrored in its broad leafy avenues and large houses in their sylvan settings. Art from the Bergen School can be viewed at local museums, including the Kranenburg Museum. Even today Bergen is home to many artists who exhibit their work in galleries or the artists’ centre.

Summertime events include antiques and art markets, plus the International Holland Music Sessions, a course for talented young international musicians, in August. Art is on offer in October as well with the ten-day Art Fair. Bergen’s town centre offers a range of sidewalk cafés and restaurants and plenty of boutiques for shopping enthusiasts.